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What Clients are Saying

“Scorpio Research delivered an amazingly comprehensive moderator training program to my entire department... Everyone from novice moderators to skilled research professionals got a great deal out of the course. They all came out of the experience with positive feedback and a more comprehensive audience/consumer feedback skillset.”
— SVP Research, MTV Networks

“Ilana is a natural teacher and gifted moderator, which makes for a perfect combination to lead moderator training programs. We have used Scorpio Research on two occasions to train our moderating staff. The training kick-starts new moderator careers, and expands the repertoire of our more experienced moderators.”
— CEO, Insight Strategy Group

“Your training program changed the way we look at moderating. Everyone’s energy and level of engagement have increased. The one-on-one feedback was invaluable and helped my team discover the unconscious things they were doing as a moderator—both positive and negative. Now, they can better reinforce positive actions and work on decreasing negative ones.”
— Head User Experience Testing, Cars.com

“My students raved about the qualitative research training you provided. Your expertise in focus group methodology is clear; and the energy you brought to the classroom was infectious! As a result, we are looking to create a full-on elective in how to plan, conduct, and evaluate a focus group for our new doctorate program.”
— Research Director, Health Sciences Graduate Program; Florida International University

“This was a very practical training that offered our marketing team tangible tools and tactics that can be used in focus groups, client meetings, and panel discussions. The guidelines you made available to panel moderators proved especially useful for our last convention.”
— Vice President, Development Counsellors, Inc.

“Ilana Drucker is a fabulous, engaging speaker. Her presentation training on the process and specific methods of qualitative research was well-organized, detailed, informative, and insightful. She paid special attention to cover topics related to my students´ area of interests and provided ample real-world examples to make abstract research ideas easy to understand.”
— Professor, Department of Strategic Communication, University of Miami

“It was a pleasure to work with Scorpio Research for our moderator training. They understood the nature of our design-focused research and the challenges facing our company, allowing full tailoring of the course to our needs. The set-up process for the moderation course was smooth and hassle-free, with the trainer demonstrating flexibility and agility in both designing the course structure and altering it on the fly once she had a better understanding of our employee´s individual experience.”
— Senior VP, The Big Picture, USA

What Students are Saying

“I had the privilege of attending Scorpio Research’s moderator training through my place of work. I was thoroughly impressed with their ability to make everyone feel at ease, and individualize the experience for each unique member of the group. I learned many invaluable techniques and tools through modeling during the presentations. By the end of the week, I felt confident and ready to do my mock focus group, which was orchestrated to feel authentic, and was thus truly great preparation for the real thing.”
— Tiffany, Research Associate

“I really loved Scorpio Research’s Moderator Training course. I went in with limited moderating knowledge and experience, and came out with a much stronger vision of my moderating style. I gained a tangible understanding of how to improve my skills after the thorough feedback session.”
— John, Project Manager

“This training course went far beyond providing standard moderating guidelines by helping us explore the psychological dynamics of focus group environments. We learned subtle behavioral techniques grounded in social psychology and communications research that were both fascinating and effective. Throughout the training process, Ilana served as a great example of a skilled moderator in the way she conducted our interactive training sessions, creating a warm and welcoming environment, explaining herself clearly, listening intently to the training participants, and generating a fun and lively overall experience.”
— Matt, Senior Analyst

“The training provided valuable constructive feedback in such an encouraging way that empowers and motivates students. As a group, we were captivated and engaged; we also received one-on-one guidance on how each person can optimize their performance based on their individual style and ability.”
— Karen, Research Director

“Scorpio conducted a personalized focus group training which we all enjoyed immensely. The presented content was informative and the role playing activities we conducted throughout the training were extremely useful and also fun. We all learned new techniques and were able to practice and hone various skills that will be invaluable to our work. Ilana is truly an expert both in her work and in her training. She is an excellent leader and teacher. She is warm, inviting, funny, and super talented, and we all enjoyed learning from her and spending those several days under her guidance.”
— Olivia, Professor

“I cannot recommend Scorpio Research highly enough. During a recent qualitative training, daily modules were expertly tailored to our team's specific needs, in addition to our varied experience levels. This training was a catalyst, spurring positive change within our Research Department. The experience was exceptional, and the impact of the training was immense.”
— Kimberly, Research Director