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Upcoming Course List

Fundamentals of Moderating Designed for new or novice moderators seeking hands-on, experiential training in the basics of moderating qualitative research, with emphasis on focus groups. Features videotaped, practice groups with real respondents and 1-on-1 trainer evaluation and coaching
Next Level Moderating Designed for those who have completed "Fundamentals of Moderating" or possess moderating experience wishing to accelerate skills and techniques, with emphasis on laddering, projective techniques, and managing difficult participations and situations
Essentials of Ethnography Designed for researchers who conduct ethnographic interviews (homes, stores, other in-context), featuring best practices, interviewing techniques, and balancing role of moderator as bot observer and researcher
Uncovering the User Experience Designed for researchers involved with testing user experience on interactive products, services, devices throughout the development process. Emphasis upon test design, task instruction, neutral observer, and usability analysis
Moderating Online Methods Designed to teach moderators how to conduct research using online methods, from bulletin boards to online communities. Interactive instruction regarding latest trends, tools, applications, and role of moderator in online environments
Facilitating Engaging Panels Designed to help moderators increase the engagement, energy, and effectiveness of their skills during panel discussions/break-out sessions. Training offers techniques to create fluid "conversation" while addressing the needs of panelists and audience alike
Maximizing Media Presentations Designed to increase the power and clarity of oral communications skills during presentations and on-screen camera events. Focus on personal presentation skills, body language, message delivery, and analysis of audience needs
Facilitating Client Meetings Designed to guide facilitators in leading engaging, effective client meetings and presentations. Introduces ways to heighten creativity, brainstorming, and idea generation. Identifies opportunities to quick make connections and link ideas toward common end goals, even among different organizational interests
Bringing Mindfulness to Work Designed to apply principles of mindfulness to the workplace. Training instructs in management of the mind’s potential to perform at the highest levels, work smarter, and with a smile. Emphasizes ways to enhance self-awareness and awareness of others, focus and attention, and cognitive effectiveness across organizational roles and levels

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